Operational Forester (ON)

Bancroft, Ontario
Full time

Are you looking for a tightly-crafted job where everything is defined? This opportunity is not for you!
If, however, you want a career where autonomy, initiative and a sense of responsibility are at the heart of everyday life, we want you to be part of the team.

About the company:

Gestiboa is recognized by the industry and its partners for its values of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work.
Gestiboa's management style is based on collaboration in order to manage their clients' timberlands.

Your daily challenges:

As an operational forester, you will be responsible of:

  • the development of the business model of Gestiboa Inc. in Ontario (Bancroft) including consulting services and timberland management.
  • maintaining and improving opportunities for synergy between Quebec and Ontario through the transfer of technical knowledge, marketing and management expertise.
    And to help you promote this expansion, Gestiboa is proud to be able to count on some of the most interesting management and consulting projects.

Your responsabilities:

Operation Forester will work on the company's existing mandates and will also be responsible for developing new ones, including but not limited to ;

  • Forest management mandates
  • Stumpage  agreements
  • Professional and technical services mandates
  • Assist colleagues at work according to the mandates to be carried out and all other related tasks

    Here are the types of mandates on which your expertise will be solicited:
  • Forest management mandates and stumpage agreement
  • Professional and Technical Services Mandate
  • Annual Forest Planning
  • Supervision of forest operations
  • Sizing of bridges, culverts and map preparation
  • Estimation of harvest volume by species and product.
  • Regular inspections of the harvesting operation to ensure compliance with planned objectives, environmental regulations, proper use of wood products and any other related tasks.

Your skills:

  • University or college degree in forestry combined with experience equivalent to 10 years in related fields, including at least 5 years or more spent in forest operations.
  • Demonstrated self-sufficiency and success in integration and forest operations.

Your profile:

  • Autonomous and proactive
  • Possess analytical, methodological and teamwork skills.

Are you ready to put your operation talents to work in a key position in an evolutive company?

If so, it's your turn to play by sending us your CV!

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